Shure Aonic 5

Dave Kelly

Jan 10, 2022
TIDAL with MQA really benefits all music lovers, with or without an MQA certified DAC. The MQA time domain correction really helps to expand the soundstage. I remember when first subscribing to TIDAL in 2019 how excited I was and still am about the sound quality of MQA. There’s simply no comparison between CD quality and Masters Quality Authenticated tracks. Using TIDAL on a cheaper or older DAC you can clearly hear the improvement in imaging, timbre, texture, instrument separation, and all out musicality.

I believe that there’s been a major push by competing services to smear TIDAL’s name and product quality because it is so good. No time in the history of digital music has there been such a ferocious hatred of how music is presented. Never! That and how the attacks by unknown individuals seem to thrive on creating conflict. Bob Stuart, inventor of MQA, has a long history of bringing special technologies to the recorded music industry, while focusing mainly on how to improve our music listening experience. It’s not a scam. It simply saddened me to see these attacks on who I perceive as a very credible and honest human being. These unsubstantiated attracts on BoB Stuart, TIDAL, and MQA drove me to voluntarily and strongly voice my opinion on something I see as a very good thing for all. Not that MQA or TIDAL needed my support or anything. Deep down inside I simply felt the need to try and counteract the many frivolous claims imposed on the streaming service. Right is right, and wrong is wrong. Fighting for a just cause builds integrity, while also guaranteeing my ability to continue building a vast MQA library. Ok enough cheerleading, as some labeled me.😉

In conclusion, I’m simply grateful that we have the many easily available music choices available today. There’s no need to think of MQA as a threat, but rather another option we as consumers have to enjoy great sounding music anywhere at anytime, especially in light of current world situations. We need music! ✌
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