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Should you buy the Bose Companion 2 Series III computer speakers?

Sep 4, 2020
"But is it worth a look? How does it compare to other computer speakers on the market? And what deals are available to bring that price down even further? Let's have a look and see."

You never answered the questions you posed. You simply described the Bose speakers then its competitiors suggesting if you had more money you could get better speakers, but would it be worth it? Does the Bose have good value at their price point? Would a cheaper speaker do the job better?

I dont know. I guess I would have someone check your posts before they go online. I wont be doing it because I wont read another article that pretends to give me analysis, but only gives me a description I could get an Amazon. Article was not worth the time it took to read it. If I wanted generic description I could go to Bose website. I thought I was coming to YOUR website for YOUR opinion based on YOUR experience.
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Mar 3, 2021
I agree with "notanaudiophile", I'm used to more objective reviews here, also the pricepoint at wich the comparison with the other alternatives is not revealed, how much does "spend a bit more" means?

Currently, on Amazon, the price of the alternatives described such as the KEF options are almost 10 times the price of the bose companion, is the sound is 10 times better? for ~$135 USD are the bose still a bang for buck?

i want good sound but paying $1,200 for desktop speakers is currently a NO-GO when I already have a decent pair of cans.



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