Should you buy TaoTronics headphones on Black Friday?


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Jun 12, 2008
I think you should test some of the Taotronics phones at the upper price range. I own a couple of pairs and also a pair of Goldring NS1000 which you gave 5 stars, and IMO the sound is better on the Taotronics


Jun 20, 2021
In my opinion... No.
Bought a set of Taotronics TT-BH070 In ear bluetooth headphones and after 6 uses they stopped working, wouldn't switch on. Thought the battery must have discharged, so attempted to charge and the device wasn't charging, manual states that normally when charging there is a red LED, nothing illuminated. Contacted customer support and they sent me a reset procedure which was no use because it said switch on the device then press and hold the power button for 5 seconds.... hello, they wouldn't switch on!
For reasons unknown, after plugging in to a charger which I'd already done a handful of times, the red LED illuminated, diconnected from the charger and the device now swtched on... No idea why.
So all working again.... for a while.
Then recently they did exactly the same again, this time i was absolutely sure it wasn't a charge issue because they were charged previously.
Stopped working, wouldn't power on and no LED when connected to the charger.
Contacted customer support again, set me the usual reset procedure which is no use to man nor beast and a polite notice saying sorry you are out of the warranty period so we can't assist you further with this matter.... all 23 days out of warranty.... But if i had registered and applied for the extended warranty then they may have helped me. Who knows, I'll not buy another Taotronics product to find out.
In my opinion, they are cheap components, priced above what they should be.



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