Should you buy an LG soundbar?

Rob Barefoot

Jul 4, 2022
I created this account just to come and warn people not to buy LG soundbars. I purchased the SPN5B-W - which is a soundbar and wireless woofer combo. It's in a room where the TV is watched maybe once a month, and I've had this soundbar for a little over a year. I noticed the last couple of times we used the TV that the woofer didn't seem to be producing any sound - but father of 5 children and work crazy hours - investigating wasn't top of mind. Today I had some time to have a look and I thought it was just a pairing issue. Upon further inspection - woofer appears to be dead. The power cord is plugged in, and I even tested with another LG cord to ensure it's not the power cord - but no lights come on. Nothing. Realizing I'm outside the warranty period by probably 3 months (and have only used it 12 - 15 times) I searched the internet to see what I might be able to do to fix it. I was ASTONISHED by the number of posts about "subwoofer dead" regarding LG products. This seems to be an epidemic. I did write customer service in hopes they will assist. The product manufacture date was 24 months ago - but I bought this subwoofer months after that - so I'm hoping they will help. Regardless - I would say that given the volume of times this appears to have happened to others based on my internet searches - I would NOT recommend LG soundbars.



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