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Aug 10, 2019
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I love this TV but just can't get the settings just right and wondered whether anyone could help? I need the settings to be fine for daytime and evening as I don't work due to illness so watch too much TV!!!! The settings I have at the moment are:-Cinema:Contrast, Balance and Colour all turned down 2 and Sharpness turned down 1. I have set Colour Balance to Cool I now you can get callibration discs but not sure whether I would be able to use these? I would so much appreciate help to get the best picture on this great TV! Thanks! Liz


Any DVD that is 'THX certified' has a section with a series of tests that you can use to calibrate youe tv. They are basically a step by step 'wizard' sort of thing with test screens and instructions to tell you how to use the onscreen images to fine tune your tv's settings. They are very simple to use as there are easy to follow intructions with each test.

Also, most tvs have different presets that you can set seperately to work best with different light conditions. To set these correctly, use a THX disc to calibrate seperate presets in the different light conditions that you will use the tv.


Thanks a lot Benjamin!

Is that something like 'Star Wars Return of the Sith'?

I am not sure about the presets for this TV. It has a backlight control so would that work with different light conditions on the same settings?


[quote user="Scotsgirl"]

I am not sure about the presets for this TV. It has a backlight control so would that work with different light conditions on the same settings?[/quote]

I'd also be interested in some advice on this one. I have the Panasonic 32LXD700 and am still at the fiddling stage but I tend to find myself using the Cinema picture setting the most. I'm usually watching the telly in the evenings in low light. I'm not quite sure how the Auto picture setting works. I'm thinking that might be the best all-round option to use in the end.

Not had a chance to play with the telly in broad daylight yet but....Am I right in thinking that if I were to use the Auto setting and tweak the picture to replicate the Cinema setting in low light - then if the telly is used during the day it will merely brighten the screen to compensate for the daylight?


Well I have lived with the new settings for a couple of days and am really pleased with them both in daytime and evening.

Mind you it's been quite dark even in the daytime just now as well but I usually draw the blinds when watching TV anyway so hopefully they will be okay. At least until Spring!

I would think that changing to Auto in bright daylight might help and keep the other settings?

They are:- Cinema
Contrast, Brightness and Colour all turned down 2
Sharpness on 1
Picture Balance - Cool (other settings make faces a bit yellow )
I have all other settings off but not sure whether need PN-R on?

I realise that settings are to personal taste(I know someone who has it set to Dynamic!) but have to say that these look good on every channel and programme.


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