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Jul 4, 2007
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The best way of thinking about an HD TV with a Freeview (internal tuner) is a 3-in-1 TV with 1) TV aerial, 2) Digital (Freeview), and 3) Cable or SKY channel and if you have HD broadcasts then think of the TV as being a 4-in-1 TV but I am only dealing with a 3-in1 TV below.One of the biggest problems with most new LCD TVs appears to be manually maximizing its calibration (picture quality) - hours/days.I think that all calibrations used in reviews should be included in table format.
This is because if the calibration was wrong:

1) The TV's review could be repeated with a better calibration.
2) It should be much quicker for people to calibrate their TVs if they have a list of calibrations to use instead of guessing the correct calibration from scratch.The excuse given that everybody sees things differently I disagree with - unless some people I suppose are blind (coloured, partial or fully) - Red = Red, Green=Green and Blue=Blue.
I think the calibration for the Sony KDL-40W2000 and probably would also work for the Sony KDL-46W2000 using (page 37 & 38 Operating Instruction book); TV aerial (RF) -->Virgin (NTL/Telewest)

-->Scart Cable & TV aerial --> Combo SVHS and DVD player --> Scart Cable & TV aerial
-->Sony KDL-40W2000 (RGB – Smart Link Scart AV2.TIP - Play a DVD or a Video tape before switching on the TV for the first time & use AUTO START-UP-Tunes DVD or Video Recorder channel automatically.If at any time you have any problems, telephone Sony UK (maybe Tel No: 08705111999) and ask them to help you change the settings to the following below.PICTURE MENU-Target Inputs = All, Picture Mode = Custom, Backlight = 4, Contrast = 74, Brightness = 58, Colour=40, Colour Temperature=Neutral, Sharpness=10, Noise reduction=Medium, Advanced Settings: Black Corrector=Medium, Adv. Contrast Enhancer=Medium, Gamma= Low, Clear White=High, Live Colour=Medium, Colour Space=Wide, MPEG Noise Reduction=Low,SOUND MENU-Target Inputs=All, Sound Mode=Dynamic, Treble=Max, Bass=Max, Balance=0, Auto Volume=Off, Volume Offset=0, Surround=True Surround, BBE=High, Dual Sound=Stereo, Speaker Link=OnSCREEN MENU-Target Inputs=All, Screen Format=Widescreen, Auto Format=On, 4:3 Default=Smart, Display Area=Normal, Horizontal Shift=0, Vertical Shift=Min, Vertical Size=MaxSET-UP MENU-Language=English, AV Preset=AV2=Cable - ASK SONY UK IF NECESSARY HOW TO NAME CABLE CHANNEL TO CABLE OR SKY TO SKY - Page 28 Operating Instructions book: Set-up menu - AV Preset section, Timer Settings=Off, Power Saving=Low, Light Sensor=On, AV2=Auto, Quiet Power On=On, Speaker=On, Audio Out=N/A, Colour System=Auto, Product Information=About TV,ANALOGUE SET-UP MENU (ANALOGUE MODE ONLY (TV AERIAL)) - PAGE 32DIGITAL SET-UP MENU - PAGE: 35-36 - < OK >< --> >DIGITAL SET-UP: Subtitle Setting=Off, Subtitle Language=English, Audio Language=English, Technical Set-up: Auto Service Update=On, Software Download (free through your existing aerial (when issued))=On, Time Zone=GMT

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Jun 4, 2007
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There has to be no second-guessing with calibrating a TV - simply use the THX Optimiser feature available on many DVDs (including all Star Wars DVDs and many Pixar discs, for example), or invest in a Spyder calibration device - sadly my quick HTML linking system isn't working right now,or i'd link you straight to several similar queries here.

A quick search should find you everything you need,

Clare - edited to include this link to similar question. - AE


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