Setting up my Sony STR-DA5200ES, PLEASE HELP!!!


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Aug 10, 2019
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I have just attempted to set up my new Sony 5200 amp and have failed miserably!!! Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong. My current setup is a Sony Bravia KDL-40V2000 HDTV, Sony DVP-NS400D DVD player, Sky HD box and a Sony PS3, plus some Sony 5.1 speakers.

Heres how I've connected it all to the amp. TV to amp via HDMI cable to the HDMI output socket. The Sky HD box and the PS3 are connected to the amp via 2 HDMI leads to 2 out of the 3 HDMI input sockets (so still having one spare HDMI input socket).

As my dvd player is a few years old and has scart sockets I bought a cable that connects into a scart socket of the dvd player and has the Blue, Green and Red connections that go into the back of the amp. When I thought I connected it all correctly and tried it out, I found that I had audio for everything but only got picture and audio when watching Sky.

So when I watch a dvd or play a PS3 game all I get is audio, no picture. Also when I press the TV/SAT or the DVD button for example on my amp remote nothing really happens, I have to press an HDMI button to watch sky and press one of the video buttons to get to hear a DVD. What the hell am I doing wrong, I need lots of help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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OK step by step

You're almost fine on Sky, except all you'll get through the HDMI is stereo audio. To get 5.1 surround you'll need an optical digital cable from the Sky box to one of the optical inputs on the Sony. To get both the picture and sound to come up when you press the TV/SAT input, you'll need to assign the HDMI video input and optical digital audio input to the TV/SAT input - see manual, page 90 onwards.

The DVD player is outputting RGB signals via the Scart, not the component video the Sony receiver expects to see on those red, green and blue sockets. Yes, I know that's confusing, but since the player can't be set to output component video and AFAIK the receiver won't take RGB, I think you need to take the cable back, and stick to using the PS3 as your DVD player from now on.

The alternative would be to run an S-video cable and a digital audio cable from the player to the receiver, and assign those to the DVD input as above, setting the receiver to upconvert the S-video to an HDMI output. But it won't be pretty.

For the PS3 you need to assign audio and video to whichever input you've got it connected to, and make sure the PS3 is delivering both audio and video via HDMI. Connect the PS3 directly to the TV, check these settings, then plug it back into the amp.

Oh, and make sure your PS3 is running the latest firmware, as this gives very good DVD playback with upscaling, far better than the DVP-NS400D can manage. You can download the firmware update here.


Well at the moment, The problems that I seem to be getting are:

Sky: Picture but no sound. Is plugged into the Amp via HDMI

PS3: Sound but no Picture. Is plugged into the amp via HDMI

DVD: Sound works fine, but i only got picture by connecting the scart to the TV (which would make sense)

Is there something that I could have missed dramatically? Also at the moment, When I try to do the things on p90, I can't seem to get the menu up at all. the amp just reads "GUI ON".


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