Separates or new speakers added to my home cinema system?


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Sep 6, 2007
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I have the Denon DVD 1940 linked to the Sony STRda1200ES and using the Jamo A102HCS11 5.1 speakers. For movies the sound is fantastic but music is not sounding the best. Would I be better off paying for a really nice set of speakers (BR2s) and linking them to the Sony receiver and playing cds and sacds through the Denon, or would I be better off buying a cd player and amp and lesser speakers (BR1s, 9.1s). I'm assuming that the sound from CD's would improve using separates a great deal but would the sound from the Denon be a lot better with bigger, better speakers? Any advice would be appreciated. ps. Cost is a factor but also the room is 17ft x 12ft and is a lounge with sofas and sideboard and not really set up for more boxes.


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Jul 28, 2007
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I am not an AV man! My DVD player is many years old not to mention an AV amp without er...that HDMI switching thing. Can't help as I haven't got a clue how good you system is with music. The chance is they will be just about as good as a basic 2 channel system which I would also class BR1s and the Diamond you mentioned. I am very much believe in spend 70% of budget on Speakers but that's me....a guy who have problem upgrading at the moment!


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