Sennheiser launches the latest generation of its HD 600 audiophile headphones


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Jul 28, 2022
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The HD 6XX were my preferred choice until I started hearing rave reviews of Hifiman Edition XS from various independent sources, and I was sold, when I managed to purchase the planar magnets £80 less than the retail price.
I'm still running in my my Hifiman Edition XS. These are incredible headphones, the expansive sound from planar magnets are like none other. The basslines are really defined without it smothering the treble. The treble is forward sounding without being harsh. Lovely clear, transparent midrange also. When I was listening with my old dynamic headphones the obscure details in the background, which were there if you homed in your ears, became much clearer with the Edition XS. I think these are possibly the best headphones you will find under £1000.
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