Sennheiser CX 880


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Aug 10, 2019
i purchased some Sennheiser CX880's on Weds for £35 posted - reduced from £90(PLAY).
They are excellent!

I had 2 pairs or CX300 II's but my wife lost a pair and kept using my others.
So when these came up on a daily offer i took the chance.

Wen i first put them in my ears i thought that they must have been fakes! No bass or clarity. i know the WHF review said that they have certain thinness to them, but this was horrific!

A direct comparison to the 300's confirmed it!

i let them play for a couple of hours and they improved, i then routed the cable over my ear and they came alive! could not believe my ears!
Again, direct comparison to the 300's and they were 10 times better. They are so dynamic. Becks Sea Change was incredible, the review was correct that a high end recording will make them shine - i dont tend to listen to rubbish production anyway.

The thinness has not returned, just blissful sounds that i thought not possible from in-ears.

I love the comfort of my AKG 450's and K44's but these are absolutely as good in reproduction. In fact i would say the bass is cleaner than the 450's - i have always thought they were a smidge muddy.

I am only using iPad and iPhone with some lossless and some Spotify and i'm sure with a proper headphone amp and DAC, the 450's and 44's would sound even better.


Pleased you like them. Now £68.99!
I must say I never use Play since they were sold out and appear not to match Amazon.


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