Screen burn Again!


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Aug 10, 2019
Just bought the Panny 37" Plasma and it is great. However, I am now paranoid about all the threads on here about screen burn. My TV doesn't seem to have any obivious features to combat screen burn, please advise if known. But, I enjoy watching Sky sports all day on a saturday sometimes, from 9am in the morning right through until I go out in the evening. Will this mean I will get screen burn from the Sky Sports 1 logo? It will be a big pain to keep on changing channels during the day. There are commercial breaks will this be enough not to get burn?

Also, I like to listen to digtal radio for several hours, will I get screen burn from the static image of the radio station??? How long before you get screen burn???

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
I think Panasonics have a slight screen wobble facility to reduce the chances of screen burn.

But provided you keep brightness and contrast down - ie don't use the 'dynamic' modes - there shouldn't be a problem. And isn't there a facility for killing the display when listening to the radio?

Don't have manuals to hand to check - have a read and I'm sure you'll find some of these facilities.


I have TH37 PX70 and Andrew is right, but i will be honest i havent moved my settings since i installed due to the fact that dynamic settings are hideous and on that set Cinema setting with the right combination of contrast, brightness is the best setting in any case. My advise is to have contrast half way on cinema mode, brightness one right click from centrre, normal colour and normal colour balance and sharpness down to 2 clicks left of middle. Colour management off, P-NR off. This in my opinion is natural without being dull and if you get the THX test on many dvds on this setting you dont need to change anything.


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