sansui au2200 update


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Aug 10, 2019
i got my au2200 off e-bay .it was a bit of a fuzzy photo but the seller told me it was in good it for £10 plus p&p.took him 2 weeks to post it .when it arrived it was in a box in a supermarket carrier bag surrounded by paper no bubble wrap nothing.when i got it out of the bag and inspected it for dents .which there where non i was confronted with the grubbiest looking amp i have ever seen.looked like it had never been cleaned in 30 years.i pluged it in and the power light came on.good sign.took me 2 hours to clean the amp front and rear.i then wired it to my speakers and pluged in the cd player put the volume to 2 and powered up pressed play.i was then blown away by the sound from the old little amp.put the volume up a bit.and was amazed by the sound its all middle so warm.not to everyones taste but i love it.its booked in for a service on monday.i had a look under the lid and it seemed very clean.its the best £10 i have ever spent.ill let you know how i get on after the service .[:D]


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Nov 23, 2007
Nice one, and thanks for the update.

The AU2200 is a great little amp and lovely for relaxed late night sessions. Surprisingly peppy though as well when it needs to be.

I'll be very interested to hear how the service goes. I've got one tucked away in the spare room and might just be tempted to get it serviced and set-up in the bedroom.


its funny but it sounds like it has more power than my 217.i know it hasnt.its just a very full warm rounded 217 is getting serviced at the same shop i should have that back friday or saturday so if that go,s well the au2200 will be in on monday


Hello, I have this same amp. I got it a few days ago from a 70 year old man who had a whole bunch of mps lying around and gave me the au2200 for free. I also think he has a 1000a also. Anyways, The fuses are blown and when i replace them they blew again so i think i got the amperage wrong. Could you tell me the amperage/voltage of the fuses on the inside board(there are 2) and the one one the back? It would be much appreciated. I want to hear how this thing sounds:)



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