Samsung UE46B8000 good for football (motion) or stay with plasma?


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Aug 10, 2019
I've had a Pansonic plasma 37" HD Ready (TH-37PX70B) for almost 2.5 years now and have no complaints both for SD & HD content, with no picture degradation and no motion problems - it has been a great TV. However, I am now looking to upgrade my whole system, but undecided on the TV, which will be a 46" full HD and wall mounted (other components will be Denon 2500BT Blu Ray, Denon AVR-2310, KEF KHT3005SE).

My wife and I watch a lot of football (Sky+HD), and I know for absolute certain that she will judge any new TV on any motion blur / trails when watching football, as our current TV has no issues whatsoever. When I purchased my plasma over two years ago it seemed a no-brainer when comparing plasma with LCD in respect of motion, but now the difference appears to be not such a big issue between the two technologies.

I am drawn to the Samsung UE46B8000 based on the reviews where motion has been marked well without any issues, plus I like the thinness of it for wall mounting. However, while the reviews refer to motion in regard to films, does anyone have an opinion when watching football? Are these latest LED/LCD TVs really up there there with the best of the plasmas (Kuro notwithstanding) in terms of motion control?

I guess I am interested to see what the new Panasonic Plasmas offer compared to the latest LCD/LED sets, but any feedback with real-life experience much appreciated.

One other contender, should I decide to go up to a 50" screen (we sit around 11 feet from the TV), is to stay with plasma and look at the new Panasonic's or the Samsung PS50B650....

Wow, almost too many choices these days...
For a distance of 11 feet, I would strongly recommend a 50-inch TV (even I sit at a similar distance from my 50-inch plasma).

In the last 2 years, LCDs have improved in their quality & motion handling, including the LED lit LCDs. Plasmas inherently handle motion very well as opposed to LCD which requires additional technology to handle motion.

It really boils down to what you prefer. To me, LCDs look artificial. I would wait to see what the newer 2010 models have to offer before making a purchase.


id agree with bigboss ,i also think plasma is better for sport , and would just add , that there has been many people posting on here , unhappy with the motion on their lcds , b8000 , philips 9664 sony v series etc , when watching sport , id make sure and demo any lcd you are thinking about buying , maybe bring along a soccer dvd , even buy one if you dont have one , should pick one up for a fiver , and have a good look before you buy , changing around the settings with the remote ....

having said that , the new models are only 6-8 weeks away , sonys pricing looks very competative this year , and their lcds handle motion very well , will you be happy , possibly reading 5 star reviews for many tvs in your price range , that are better than the b8000 , in just a few more weeks ??


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Aug 24, 2008
Like a chil waiting to open the presents on christmas..I just can't wait for new models to arrive !


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