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Samsung UE40D5520 or LG42LV5500? Advice please


New member
Aug 10, 2019
Hello everyone Newbie here, needing some advice. Basically I've got £550 ish to spend on a new tv. Looking at all the tv's in showrooms, I think I'd prefer an LED. I've got the list down to the 2 above, and not sure which to go for. I think the LG has more features and better sound, but perhaps the Samsung has a better picture quality?? I know the Samsung is slightly smaller too. Also, is the 100hz that noticeable? Thanks in advance, appreciate your opinions :wave: Nick


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Jul 29, 2007
Hi Nick

I have had the Samsung set for several weeks now and I am very pleased with it.

The picture is excelllent with blacks being especially good. The Dark Knight is a great test disk for showing off how well it handles darke scenes.) Watching films on Blu-ray and Sky show the set at its best. Levels of detail are impressive; the opening scenes of Souce Code where the camera is looking down on central Chicago is a good example. Its handling of fast motion, such as in football matches is not always so convincing. I have read that some users have a problem with backlight "clouding" but I have never noticed this as an issue.

I haven't used many of the "Smart" features and will probably never download any apps. Having BBC iPlayer builtt in to the TV has been useful though. I bought the optional dongle and it was easy to link the set up to my wireless network. Please note that there is no web browser on this set; that comes with the more expensive models.

I cannot comment on the sound as mine always runs through my home cinema system.

I would happily recommend the Samsung and would encourage you to see it demonstrated in a shop.



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