Samsung tv and Skype advice please + wireless


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Nov 15, 2010
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Hi parents bought a Samsung le37d550.

Mother wants to use Skype and BBC iplayer so I bought them a Hama WLAN USB Stick so they can get hooked up to Smart tv services etc ...

Couple of questions -

1 Is this Hama thing easy to set up ? They have BT wireless hub - is it just a case of sticking it into a usb input, put in wireless passcodes etc and off they go ?

I live in Kent, they live in Hereford & Worcestershire - so will send in post. they are not technically minded but was hoping it could be talked through on the phone ?

2 Mother wants to use Skype through tv - can they use their Logitech webcam or do they need a dedicated Samsung one ?

Advice most welcome.



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Iirc it allows the press the button on the router set up. Or you can just input the pass info on the pull out tab on the BT hub.

Not bothered with any camera but if it works like the dongle you will need the Samsung one or the one made in the same factory.

When they plug in the Harma dongle it will say hank you for buying the Samsung dongle.