Samsung QE55Q85R


Oct 24, 2020
There is a MASSIVE problem with this TV for those of us in northern latitudes.

Once the sun's inclination drops in autumn, any light striking side-on causes a rainbow effect on the screen. As the sun continues to drop, the rainbow effect increases until in December it's 100% of the screen.

Samsung Support assures me there is nothing wrong with the TV, that this is normal, and to rearrange my room (eg brick up the window and reopen it on a north wall which will never have direct light coming in)



Other glitches are the software is REALLY buggy.
I've had it about a year now and have to do a factory reset every 6 weeks or so when the "Too many reservation" bug raises its head (time after time). And, for whatever reason, it ADORES BBC Wales. Every BBC series link gets switched over to BBC Wales - irrespective of whether the program is even on there. I've lost track of how many Welsh politics programs I've recorded (in NI). BBC Wales has now been deleted from my channels - I'm currently wondering whether it will blow up when it tries to record a channel that doesn't exist this week :)


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