Samsung LE32R87BDX - Won’t accept 1080p ????


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Aug 10, 2019
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can u tell me what Won’t accept 1080p really means, does this mean if i eventually get true HD player and HD dvd it wont work??? is it only this one that wont accept 1080? of the budget ones?


it wont accept it, but no bother as you would never see the benefits untill you are at least 37 " prob 42" to see. the 32 inch will never need 1080p


thanks for the reply, but will it mean that should i get a hd dvd player (proper one not hdmi upscaling) iin the years to come that it just wont play the signal - ive been looking at the 37 inch samsung LE37R88BD that got 5 stars in augusts what hi fi, it also doesn't have 1080p but it out performed others that had full HD. i was just wondering if this limits future things i can connect to it?

Joe Cox

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May 31, 2007
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Any HD screen will take an HD signal, but not necessarily 1080p. If your screen hasn't got 1080p resolution, you can send HD as 720p/1080i. For the record, the arguments over the difference between 1080p and 1080i continue to rage, so it's certainly not accepted that 1080p is better. Also, a surprising number of screens that don't have Full HD resolution can still accept 1080p signals, downscaling the content itself.

As is pointed out above, we're yet to see a 32in 1080p TV, and when we will or more pertinently whether it will be worthwhile, is certainly debatable. Regardless, from the screens we've seen, it's clear that resolution is not the be all and end all. Nearly all our class-leading screens recently have been lower resolutions than others in the test, so it certainly seems that Full HD is far from a necessity at the moment.

In answer to your question, the Samsung can't display true 1080p pictures. But your HD DVD player will be able to send out a 720p/1080i signal that your screen can deal with and may well be every bit as good.