Samsung HT-TXQ120


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Aug 10, 2019
Just reading the WhatHifi Feb issue and noticed the Samsung has best home cinema £750-£1500 for 2007.

Is there anywhere I can read the review on this please?

Would also like to know how the speakers should be arranged and if they are wireless plus is this still the best for this price range?

Thank you

Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
I can't wait until all our reviews are online! (Not until April, sadly - getting more than a 1000 of them up here is a long-ole job...)

Anyhow, the Awards issue should be available from our Back Issues department - 08456 777813.

I also believe Samsung has reprinted our review - so you might find a copy in your local Samsung dealer.

In the meantime I can tell you the HT-TXQ120 remains the best one-box system we've found at this price-level, with a scale and ability beyond that of smaller, cheaper rivals.

The rear speakers aren't inherently wireless, but are 'wireless ready' - Samsung has an add-on module to enable this (this is about to be released, so i'm afraid I don't have a price - saw/heard it in action at CES, though).

More about the system here, including full downloadable manual with set-up info.


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