Samsung help.


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi just got my tv today le40m87 and i am well and truly amazed with the picture . I just have one problem i can not get the PIP(picture in picture) to work.I have sky + connected via scart ,PS3 connected via HDMI,I have excellent free view signal.I did read that you carnt use PIP with sky and freeview,is this true? But it said you could have PS3 on and use PIP to see freeview or analogue.Every time i go into the settings the PIP setting is grayed out i have tried all sorts and can not get it to work or be un-grayed out.Anybody know where im going wrong so i can sort this. I think its quite a good feature and would be usefull. Any advice welcome thanks. P.S Cosco are selling this tv for £751 nationwide.The Aberdeen depot sold out today though.

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
PIP on this set doesn't work with HDMI and the built-in digital tuner, as this table from the manual makes clear. I guess the option is greyed out as you don't have two compatible sources in use.



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