Samsung HD870 HDMI Connectivity- Please Help


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Aug 10, 2019
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This is my 1st post and I'd like to congratulate the admins and other posters on making this The best AV forum on the web - enabling me to narrow my search for a new DVD player and cables no end - but I'm embarrassed to admit that I need help already!

I received my Samsung HD870 today along with a QED QUINEX HDMI-P cable (HDMI to HDMI).

After connecting the HDMI lead from the Samsung DVD to my LG 32LX2R LCD TV (1080i capable) neither the Samsung or the TV recognises the HDMI connection (scart to scart and component connections work fine).

The LG instructions say to "set the TV input to HDMI DTV and then refer to the DVD player instructions" which I have done however no signal is received.

"HDMI" in the Display Setup Menu on the Samsung is "greyed out" and the HDMI Select button on the remote which is supposed to show the current resolution and change the output resolution doesn't respond at all (the "no entry" style incorrect command icon appears) - even though the HDMI cable is connected. I have also changed the video output to I-Scan and P-Scan but this makes no difference. The Samsung's troubleshooting guide suggests:- ! Check the video output is enabled
(well the HDMI cable is connected to the HDMI slots in the DVD and the TV and I can't access the HDMI output on the on screen menu)
! Check the connection between the DVD and the TV
(checked it several times - definitely connected)
! See if the TV supports this 480p/576p/720p/1080i player
(it is supposed to support 1080i resolution)
1.Is there a fault with my Samsung DVD player (ie should these HDMI functions be available to scroll through if the HDMI cable is connected or do they only function if a compatible HD TV is detected a the other end of the cable?) 2. Have I wasted cash buying an HDMI cable because my Samsung isn't HDMI compatible with my (pretty crappy!) LG TV?

PS - I can recommend for price and service - I bought the Samsung on-line for £51 incl p&p yesterday and received it here in Scotland at midday today. Likewise for the cables from Audiovisual online.


Not much help here as I don't knwo the answer but I too have this DVD player and I am not that impressed by it's picture performance at all. 576, 720 and 1081i look all the same to me with a slight haziness! I am now considering investing in a better on like Pioneer DVD 600AV for my needs.



Can I ask how you eventually got on? I have the same issue with my HD870 and Sony TV, I cannot however see the HDMI connection but only via AV channel - the TV does not recognise the DVD via HDMI connections.

A pain that it does not auth recongnise.




HI i had the same problem between my tosh lcd and samsung hd950 hdmi works different to scart with regard to sensing connected equipment. Sorry i don't know how to put links in but read "1.3 hdmi query" hope this helps


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