Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro


Sep 18, 2021
Why did it take so long to review this product? It came out on Jan 15th? Not helpful much now - That's almost 7 months after the product launched! Hope the team do a better job for future Samsung products.


Apr 1, 2022
I have been following this website review for sometime and this review made me disappointed. I have tried it, and it's great. I mean, the sound is far greater than Airpod Pro that I owned. And this got 3 Stars?

This made me think all the review on this website in invalid.


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Nov 15, 2019
I know this is an old review but I find it odd. Having used the Galaxy Buds Pro for a few weeks now, I find then more impressive than I had expected.
  • Battery life is fine and gives me no problems
  • I find them comfortable. Sure I wouldn't recommend them for jogging but fine for casual listening on the go, which is when I mostly use bluetooth headsets
  • Excellent for Teams meetings/calls etc over Windows. A couple of seconds to plug into the ear and no wires to mess around with. Call quality is really very good, even with one ear.
  • Call quality by phone is probably the best I have encountered. The microphones seem very good. I often go out with the dog with one ear plugged in and calls work well in that mode.
  • Sonically they are decent enough. I find them balanced and not overblown with bass which often is the case with bluetooth devices. ANC mode is decent enough and does not boost the bass as much as other devices I have, which is a good thing.
  • Smartthings location actually works quite well.
The only negative I'd raise, is touch sensitivity. It is too sensitive! I find I often double tap rather than the intended single. A casual brush of the earphone can pause your music.

I add as a disclaimer, that I got these as a "freebee". I probably would never have chosen to buy them but if I ever needed to replace my current set, I'd give it very serious consideration.



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