Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro


Sep 18, 2021
Why did it take so long to review this product? It came out on Jan 15th? Not helpful much now - That's almost 7 months after the product launched! Hope the team do a better job for future Samsung products.


Apr 1, 2022
I have been following this website review for sometime and this review made me disappointed. I have tried it, and it's great. I mean, the sound is far greater than Airpod Pro that I owned. And this got 3 Stars?

This made me think all the review on this website in invalid.


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Nov 15, 2019
I know this is an old review but I find it odd. Having used the Galaxy Buds Pro for a few weeks now, I find then more impressive than I had expected.
  • Battery life is fine and gives me no problems
  • I find them comfortable. Sure I wouldn't recommend them for jogging but fine for casual listening on the go, which is when I mostly use bluetooth headsets
  • Excellent for Teams meetings/calls etc over Windows. A couple of seconds to plug into the ear and no wires to mess around with. Call quality is really very good, even with one ear.
  • Call quality by phone is probably the best I have encountered. The microphones seem very good. I often go out with the dog with one ear plugged in and calls work well in that mode.
  • Sonically they are decent enough. I find them balanced and not overblown with bass which often is the case with bluetooth devices. ANC mode is decent enough and does not boost the bass as much as other devices I have, which is a good thing.
  • Smartthings location actually works quite well.
The only negative I'd raise, is touch sensitivity. It is too sensitive! I find I often double tap rather than the intended single. A casual brush of the earphone can pause your music.

I add as a disclaimer, that I got these as a "freebee". I probably would never have chosen to buy them but if I ever needed to replace my current set, I'd give it very serious consideration.


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Jun 3, 2016
Has the writer of this never listened to reference level gear before? These are meant tj be tools and used to play life to make sure your levels and layering is just right.

It seems like this person confuses pro for just "good".

Sure I don't always listen to them jigging or going on hikes and climbs but they're great for studio mastering, even down to mono mixing and trying the various EQ settings to see how the mix would sound to apparently this writer or others who seem to think that all music sources should apply an unnaturally "exciting life like" filter like jbl or klipsch.

Maybe try turning in hall effect you weirdo. I never knew that existed like pro logic music except for strsss testing but I guess some people really just want all music to sound candy coated and for no producer to have any reference he can rely on that can be uomized to whatever weird fx you like to listen to music in...

I kinda suspect this guy owns the "best blue tooth speakers in the world" and fell for the devialet phantom scam.

I am perfectly happy with my kc62, my 2 pv1s my ls metas and my XQ40 IQ90 hybrid with matching atmos 5.2.4 support in my 128 projection screen theatre.

Meanwhile I'll learn how to play pieces and write uses my shire e5s or my Samsung bud pros while I'll go jogging with my AKG Wired headphones.

You realise the headphones have EQ, the phone has the best audio stack on the market with 12 and 16 band EQ, 192khz 24 but audio output, native support for DSD, nevermind flsc alac and atmos Bluetooth rips, basically anything that exists..

And the note 8 even can still be used as a professional sound track production tool with any midi device playing 24 bit 192khz audio for recording and mastering nevermind capable of hundreds of effects and filters at once.

But apparently the bud pros are too boring? Reference quality headphones are supposed so sound clear reliable and with the mids kind of like a rubber band being stretched taught vs the bass and treibke being so bloated and trill you can't even make out the notes on an organ or a bass guitar nevermind have it sound so single point the bass lags behind the mid and the tweeter so seamlessly in ambient mode it sounds like a real life performance.


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