Samsung for sale at Costco


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Jul 5, 2011
Hi Guys,

i'm looking for a TV to put in my man cave so I can avoid the reality shows that appear on my TV every Saturday & Sunday night.

I found a Samsung 51" at Costco for £599 and the model number is PS51E530. Trouble is I can't find any reviews for it and just wondered if you had any thoughts?

I'll be using for playing some games and watching a bit of TV and movies via Apple TV so if you have any other recomendations that fall into price bracket.



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Jun 28, 2007
The PS51E530 is a bare bones 1080p model with very limited spec having no Freeview HD tuner,3D support,Smart features and ONLY 2 HDMI inputs. I've not seen this TV but I am assuming it's a budget model made for places like Costco and supermarkets aimed at "casual" buyers rather than people looking for top-notch picture quality as this model along with the PS60E530 don't appear on Samsung's website.

My advice would be to make sure that you can return the TV if your not happy with the PQ whaen you get it home as from My personal experiance with previous Samsung budget models the tend to have quite poor up-scaling which may not be a issue for you if you intend to use it with native 1080 feeds, and personally I've found Black levels and motion to be quite poor on their lower end models in the past.


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