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Aug 10, 2019
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Hello everybody.

I read on What Hi-Fi mag (award 2007 issue and issue n. ... can't remeber) very good reviews of the Samsung DVD HD-870 dvd player.

I plan to buy it to connect it to my brand new Pana 42px70.

Then I saw another dvd player (with upscaling feature) that has another very useful function to my: a front USB port.

Since I really trust your advices, I was wondering what do you think about this other DVD player especcialy comparing it with the samsung.

Thanks a lot in advance for your kind support.


I recently purchased the Samsung DVD HD-870 last week from Richer Sounds in Kingston using the VIP print out
which got me off another £10. I spent a further £50 on the QED QUNEX HDMI P 1M (HDMI lead) which is a 5 star product and Im using a Cambridge Audio PREMIUM DIGITAL (1M) (Digital Interconnect) into my Sony DA 1200 ES reciever.
My TV is a LG 32 LX2R and I have to say the quality of the picture is quite remarkable for the price of the Samsung DVD player. The clarity and colours are excellent and I would definately recommend this player to anyone who has a budget of £100 or less.




MUCCA: I've said somehwere here before that the Samsung HD870 is great for TV's up to 32inchs.

For a 42inch TV do yourself a favour and stretch to at least a DENON 1740 or if you can the 1940. With the Panasonic it will look great-The 1940 that is!

I actually bought the HD870 with my Samsung PS42Q97HDX a month ago, and I found it quite useless so the HD870 is in a box waiting to be used with a 26/32 Samsung LCD which I intend to get for my Sons.

My advice is, don't match it with a 42 inch TV like the Panasonic as you won't do the TV justice at all


Sorry, I forgot ... and now I've few time ... I have to buy it before this night (don't ask me why).

The other model is Philips DVP 5960 or 5980.

I repeat, the usb feature of the philips is useful for me, but if the picture quality of the samsung is really better ....

Please let me know as soon as you can.

Tnx a lot to everybody



[quote user="Andrew Everard"]
The 5980 got four stars in our November group test, but was beaten by the Samsung. We haven't tested the 5960


I Know that, Adndrew.

I have your nov issue in my hand.

I just wondering - considering the useful bonus for me offered by the usb port - if there's is a difference, in your opinion, in the Picture Quality that outstand the utility of the usb port.




Hi! I recently purchased one and am very happy with the picture quality. I upgraded from an interlace Sony DVD player which was 4 yrs old so the difference is perceptible on my LCD. I have a few observatiosn though, which I hope you will help clarify:

1) The image in 720p mode is smooth, but in 1080i is fairly poor. I can't figure out why.

2) The audio is also good but in case of musicals, the vocals are lost out completely inspite of tinkering around with the sound settings on my Sony HTR 750 KS. I am using very good quality optical out.

3) The website of Samsung claims that the Hypervision family of DVD players (of which this is a member) features DCDi from Faroudja. It explains at length the benefits. Even the brochure on the website claims this. However, the sales package is completely silent about this, so it the manual. How can one ascertain that this is true?


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