Sagem PVR 64250T - is it a worthy 2007 award winner??


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Aug 10, 2019
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I am looking for a hard disk PVR and I had narrowed it down to either Humax or Topfield but I see that What Hi-Fi recommends the Segam unit.
There a very few reviews of this PVR on the web (unlike my other choices) and those I can find say that the picture quality is decidedly average, easily beaten by both of my other choices.

The most important features for me are a big hard disk and a top quality picture, either off-air or from the hard disk.

I get a strong signal where I live so bearing this in mind can anyone give me their experience of the 6420T?

I would be more than happy to save a fair amount of money over, say a Topfield with 250Gb hard drive. Regards, Chris

Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
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Hi Chris,

We certainly choose Award winners first and foremost on performance, and every example of the Sagem we've had in has offered a superior picture to the rivals we've compared it against, both in terms of reception and recordings.

Remember that a decent aerial is important as well as decent signal strength (and a good, well-calibrated TV) - even the best PVRs will struggle if they working with either a poor source signal or display.


I have the Humax PVR and the What Hi-Fi test said the colours were a bit OTT(can't remember what the exact description was but did say that David Dickinson looked more orange than usual!) and that the picture was 'softer' than the others.

I can't agree as the colours on mine are spot on (even with David Dickinson) and the picture is so sharp and clear.