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Sep 30, 2020
Hello. Just a little about me, somebody who avoids social media and the whole idea of it! I am a 66 year old male and I find myself living in quiet Hereford! Until 2014 I lived as an expat in Arizona, USA. I suffered a major stroke there and returned to my native England hoping to receive additional treatment and help with recovery? Later that year I learned that my wife couldn’t handle the worry and responsibility of my illness and divorce soon followed. It was a pretty devastating time and it has taken me a few years to get back on my feet!
Recently, the loss of a close family member has me feeling more alone and that maybe I need a SM outlet? I have an interest in the HiFi scene and spent my working life as a Professional photographer. So that’s about it and I look forward to the new me and to seeing what being partly SM active has to offer.......

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Welcome (y) You've had a hard ride by the sound of it :(

We're all a bit nuts/weird on here, if you are too then you'll fit in nicely sir :)

Have you any kit you would consider worthy of mention.


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Welcome Cricketlover.
Hopefully all your problems are in the past.
But if you need any more, start a thread stating that you can hear differences between cables :whistle:

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I'm still wondering.
(But I only twigged BF meaning, just before others told me it was Black Friday).
SM = Social Media
(But could also mean Sado-Masochism :))


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