rubber feet or spikes?


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a pair of B&W 703's on a solid wood parquet floor. ie wood direct on concrete. currently useing the supplied rubber feet. But what do the testers think? Ok i know it is not hard for me to put the spikes in and for me to hear any difference... but i would like to know the reasons for one over the other. couple or decouple?


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Nov 24, 2007
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LOL....guess you could stand your spikes on 20 cent piece's, or 'half a crowns', or whatever you call your coins over there !!!!............................Interesting question though..i'm just as curious as you as to the explanation.....cheers mate....ian


Tried various stuff under speakers - more driven by desire not to knacker the flooring than divine discovery. I'd avoid rubber feet personally.

'Best' but could have been in my head - was maybe spikes onto Custom Design I-Raps, but god I-Raps are ugly. So ended getting some granite slabs from a e-bay that does chopping boards with Quiet Feet under em (avoid the hi fi ebayers as they add 50% to a bit of granite) with Clearaudio RDC cones instead of spikes. Not sure the granite made that much difference soundwise but looks ok.

The RDC cones I reckon are a good option if you want to avoid floor damage. They give the tightness of spikes.


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