Ruark/ProAc Speaker Diilemma


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Aug 10, 2019
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I am about to buy a Quad System comprising the CD-P2 CD Player, 99 Pre-amplifier and 909 Power Amplifier. I had been thinking of the Ruark Sabre III speaker, but they would be toed-in, and 20cm apart from my CRT at the nearest point. I don't think they have magnetic shielding, so am worried they would have an adverse effect on my tv. From more recent reviews i am now considering the ProAc Studio 110 speakers. But i am puzzled by What HiFi's contradictory reviews in separate group tests last year. In the April 2006 group test, What Hifi said;

"If you must have the speakers close to a wall, go for something like Neat Motive 3s over the ProAc Studio 110, because their bass performance is less likely to turn boomy in such conditions." Yet in the November 2006 group test, What HiFi said; "Unlike, say, the Dynaudios, a close-to-wall positioning will work well. The taut bass refuses to boom, even in such circumstances." This is an important issue, as my room is an average sized lounge rennovated into a kitchen/small lounge. The speakers would be placed 30cm from the rear wall and 40cm from the side walls at their closest point. It is also a tenement flat, so i would be listening at quite moderate levels. Would this mean that a muddy, overpowering bass would not be such an issue? I am thinking of using Atlas Voyager interconnects and Atlas Hyper 3 speaker cable. Would single wire cable be fine in this set-up?

Hope somebody can advise me.





I recently heard proac studio 110's being driven by a sugden a21s2 and matching cd with chord co cables . The speakers were very close to the wall and they sounded great , no bass boom at all..


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