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Rotel RA-12 or RA-11 and/with MA BR2 speakers?


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Jan 31, 2011
Hi there,

Does anyone have any experience of the new Rotel RA-12, or RA-11?

And would it be too good for the MA BR2 speakers?

Thank you. TnA


New member
Mar 16, 2008
i've just started a new job at a well known AV outlet and I have spent the last month or so really getting stuck in to some new kit. we stock the new Rotel stuff and I have spent alot of time with the RA-12.

It's a very controlled, tight sound but not quite as gutsey as you would expect. the low frequenies are quite restrained and lean but also very detailed. On the whole it has quite an clinical sound but is nice and fast with that presentation.

What I will say is the DAC isn't amazing. It's a nice feature to have but is a bit tinny and doesn't help the overall sound. Playing through an Arcam rDac is alot better, and I wiuld advise warmer partnering kit to balance the sound.

The RA-11 is very similar but a tad less gusto and won't go as loud as easily.

Hope that Helps, and If I were you I would wait for the Arcam A19 if you can afford it as I heard one the other day and its a very diferent sound for Arcam and alot cleaner & detailed. May well be a better all rounder if u dont need a DAC.



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