Roksan Kandy K2


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Sep 8, 2007
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Hello all,

Current system - Rotel RC-03 Pre Amp & RB-03 Power Amp. (B&W 602 S3 Speakers, Arcam CD92T)

I'm thinking about asking Santa for the Roksan Kandy K2 for Christmas. Does anyone have any thoughts of whether or not it would be a good upgrade to my Rotels? At this stage I have no interest in replacing my speakers or CD Player.

I listen to heavy rock/metal music if that helps.

Not sure you'll get anymore detail than the Rotel pairing. Rotels, Arcam and B&W sounds like a cracking combo. If you're looking at weak links I would suggest the speakers are it. The 602s are wonderful speakers, for the money, but your Rotels will sound better with a more refined, expensive speaker. The likes of PMC DB1is are fantastic and should sound great for rock/pop with your amp and CDP.


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Sep 8, 2007
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Thanks for your thoughts.

Personally I thought that my rotel's were still at the 'budget' end and wouldn't be good enough for better speakers.

The only issue I have is that I have matching B&W's for my cinema setup (The 602s3 at the front, 600s3 at the back and lcr 60s3). Changing speakers could cause tonal issues? Guess I could always look at B&W CM5's?
Yes, your pre/power amps were (are) the entry-level models. But having separate amps, generally speaking, will give you more flexibility. So I would guess your amps are roughly the quality of the aforementioned Roksan, and will benefit from better speakers.

Understand the speaker matching thing, so try and get a pair of CM5 or 685s on home dem and see how they stack up.

Personally speaking your combo would flourish with a £1,000 plus speaker. Perhaps something to bear in mind for future upgrades.

If you are determined to change amp then look at this

I own the Leema and, I'm very biased
, it is the best integrated amp I've heard below the £2k mark. However, again, whether the speakers will do it justice is another question.

My core set-up: Leema Pulse; Arcam CD73T; MA RS6 speakers.

Hope that helps.


Looking at your current set-up the things I'd change, if you feel you have to, would be the amp to a Rotel RA1520 ( a much better, allround and more detailed amp with a solid soundstage and great, well timed bass) or possibly look at the NAD C356BEE integrated

The Rotels youve got are good but they can be bettered; more so with a more powerful amp with more low-end grunt and a better overall grip

Both the Rotel RA5120 and NAD are solid, gutsy amps and will drive the B&W's youve got very well indeed

However I do also feel that your CDP may be holding the system back a little as well; more so for your taste in music

The likes of a NAD C545BEE, Rega Apollo or even a 2nd hand Arcam DiVA CD192 CDP would be a definite improvement. These have all got a more faster paced and detailed soundstage un comparison to the Arcam CD92 IMO and will do well with the music you listen to

I always loved the 602 S3's; had them for years with varying Arcam, NAD and Musical Fidelity amps; I too listen to a fari bit of rock/metal (everything from SOAD to Disturbed to Metallica/Iron Maiden & so on) and the B&W's always sang their hearts out with this music

But they do require a solid amp behind them and personally I'd favour either the Rotel or NAD amps; even the likes of an Arcam Alpah 10 or Arcam FMJ A32 would be a solid improvement IMO

The Leema Pulse and Creek Evo II amps would be good as well but I dont feel they'd get the speakers to sing as well as the other amps I've mentioned


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Jan 10, 2011
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I looked/listened a lot to the Kandy last year and my initial suggestion would auditon that with a couple of other amps as suggested above and then get a home demo and see what you think.

I was looking to pair the Kandy initially with some B&W 603s3's and thought it was a good pairing, I was also considering the Naim 5i ( not good with B&W)and the Leema mentioned by pp, I would also consider the Rotel 1520 although I have not heard but works vey well with B&W by all accts.

I didn't go for the Kandy because I heard the Caspian but it ticked all the boxes, however if you can get a sale or return on the leema I would give it a go because it is a great amp, looks good and is good value at the price.
Best under £2000, not sure , see below..........................

Your ears will tell you what you like and there is a great choice at this price , any dealer in this climate should be able to let you have a demo one for a day at least.

Good luck, have fun