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Roksam Kandy VS Denon AVR 3808 (or surround receivers VS Stereo Amps in general)


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Aug 10, 2019
Dear fellow sound and vision lovers,

Can these two machines be compared in sound quality? It's hard to compare in the shop where I use to buy my equipment whithout having the salespeople turning the whole shop around. So I would like to ask you: How much better do you think a deicated stereo amp sounds than a surround receiver in the same price range?

I read in the magazine about the Roksam Kandy Amp that got very high ratings. In my country this machine has the same price tag as the Denon AVR 3808 Receiver.

I would prefer the Denon cause of it's network function, video upscaling and HD-audio support, but for music I prefer stereo and the quality of the sound is the most importartant factor in my decission.

Thanks for your help in advance!



For music.... Roksan
For movie.... Denon
There's no all in one (that can give maximum sound quality for both music&movie esp. at this budget), but if u prefer all in one amp, go for Denon because Roksan cant play surround sound, and if budget doesnt matter get both and use pre-out at avr to connect them, btw 4308 is better for all in one

This is just my opinon....lets hear others


Thank you AudioSyok. I tihink you fully answered myer question. I prefer a 2 speaker setup so a surround receiver is a bit of a strange choice, but I really like all the extra's that are built into the Denon Receivers and I have good Experience whith them. FOr now I will drop the which for a surround receiver and will go look for a dedicated stereo amp, I can always upgrade whith a surround receiver as pre-am.

Would it ruin your system if you use a budget surround receiver (Denon 1908 for example) as pre-amp for the Roksam Kandy and for example some B&W 805 speakers if I ever can afford them? .... I'm trying to buy stragtegically so I can easily upgrade in the future without trwoing away too much stuff.


Your cd player would plug straight into the roksan so when you are listening to music in stereo you are you are fully using the roksan as an integrated amp with the denon switched of. When using for cinema use the deno routes the front chanels to the roksan and just uses it like a power amp.

So the answer to your question is no, your system wouldn't be compromised by using the denon


Thanks, and can I even improve the Roksam when I have a decent pre-amp for it?

John Duncan

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Jan 8, 2008
Well it wouldn't really work like that - you could add a power amp but I wouldn't get a better preamp and put it through the Rokan's power. However, I have a feeling that Roksan do a three-channel power amp, so in time you could replace the receiver altogether, using the six-channel output of a DVD player and plugging each into the five channels of amplification you would have - two to the Kandy integrated, three to the power amp, one to an active sub (if you had one).

Just checked, and they do - the Kandy 3 power amp or something.



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