Roberts radio stream 94i sound issues


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May 5, 2021
Good evening,
I'm new to Roberts stream 94i, bought one week ago on Amazon wharehouse, sold as "as new" with an almost 40% discount from the original price.
I like the radio, but I'm having two questions regarding the sound:
1) There's a bad vibration coming from the rear speaker, not always, i noticed when I play at loud volume some songs, like the bass solo in the intro of "Pigs" by Pink Floyd. I read some reviews that report the same problem, should i take it as a fault of my device or could it be fixed playing some hours of music and giving the way to the speaker to get the right running-in?
2) When loudness is set on the radio reproduces some frequencies on the highs that otherwise are slightly audibile or not audible at all. Obviously loudness is an enhancer but I feel like that it is way too much the difference between the setting on and off, the music loses some parts when it is off. What's your experience with it?
I'm thinking whether to give the radio back or not, but since the radio is pretty expensive I wouldn't spend more money to have another object with the same characteristics.
I hope to have been clear and not long-winded. Thanks to all who will share their experiences.
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As I read your post I was thinking you might have had a one-off with that bad vibration.
But then you said others had mentioned the problem.....not good.
It's not something that's likely to improve.
You're right about loudness being an enhancement - one that the majority of people don't use.
If you need it on to make the sound acceptable.....also not good.
Despite getting it at 40% off, I would imagine you would still be entitled to a replacement - but in light of the above a refund might be the best option for you.


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May 5, 2021
Thank you for your kind reply.
I guess I will give it back and ask for a refund, then I will take my time to choose whether to buy the same radio or find another option, even if I know the Roberts is the top one of the internet radios and i usually try to make good purchases that last long.
By the way, yesterday I played again the radio at high volume and that vibration showed up again. Not no good, baaad!
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Jul 10, 2021
I'd go to your nearest John Lewis store and try to bring some music where you hear the problem on your unit. If it does not do it on the shop demo model, you have a faulty set.



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