Rip off Britain.... surely not!


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Aug 10, 2019
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I see from their on-air promos that Sky are offering a Sky+ HD box for £150 or EURO149 (around £118). Why, I wonder is the same box so much more expensive in the UK? It can't be the VAT, because it's 21% in Eire, which is what Sky are talking about....
This sort of thing makes me ANGRY!!!


Maybe. I can see why they might want to drive Irish sales over the UK, but if it's about the offering then I would've thought that would mean lower subscription costs, not hardware.
It's still not great PR though, is it? One ad. Two prices, the second lower than the majority can get!


Here in Ireland (it hasn't been Eire for about 50 years...), we do not receive, officially anyway, BBC HD as part of the HD channel package - although you can get it through the extra channels. No C4 HD here either - not sure if you can get that in the UK - and, obviously, no ITV HD.

Sky in Ireland has usually been more expensive than in the UK. HD hasn't really taken off here as the Irish channels RTE or TV3 do not have HD channels (unlikely to for a while as well) so I'd guess that Sky are really trying to make some money out of HD here. When I looked into HD here, the very friendly salesperson basically told me that it would cost too much and that I'd have to pay a fortune to move my exisitng Sky Plus box (as I already have an ordinary Sky box as Multiroom).

The Irish & UK markets are different for Sky remember. Here we do not have Sky Broadband for example and the SD channel packages are different. Comparing the 2 markets as though they are in the same place is, IMHO, a bit nonsensical..