Rhapsody to Napster = much smaller library


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Aug 10, 2019
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Always enjoyed having Napster on my Sonos as it seemed a cheapish (£5) way of having a wider choice of music than just Spotify. Rhapsody's takeover of napster was completed yesterday (in user terms) and the library seems to have shrunk dramatically. But maybe it is just my tastes! The 'Lambchop' and 'A whisper in the noise' choice are now minimal. WOuld be interested in others views before canceling - bit pointless if the library is smaller (and within that not different) to Spotify.





I signed up to share this with you. I have a 25000 track library on my NAS. Unfortunately I can not keep up with the musical whims of my 8 year old twins so sign up to Napster a year ago. Since then I use Napster 90% of the time.

After sorting out the account rollover issues to Rhapsody I noticed not only have they rearranged everything so it is hard to find. The catalogue has shrunk by epic proportions.

I use an example from the Sonos forums. The Flood by Take That can not be found if you do a search by Track. However it is in the list of tracks by Artist.

I did my own research an found the same sort of thing but also I was dismayed because there is so much that is not available anymore.

I wonder if Rhapsody have taken an American view bearing in mind a lot of British music never makes it in the States.

Have a read of the Sonos forums to get some more views or email me @ j.reading@virgin.net to discuss further as I'm likely to forget about this forum. No cranky emails thanks readers!

I thought about Spotify but there are issues with the Sonos Experience ie interface and service interruptions and I also have read that there are big holes in their catalogue too.




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