Replacing FM/DAB tuner with internet radio

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Aug 13, 2010
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I listen to classical music, mostly through BBC Radio 3 but also via ClassicFM.

I’ve investigated DAB+ and have discovered that in many cases internet radio is broadcasting at a higher bit rate than DAB, including BBC radio 3 (192 kbps v 320 kbps).

I am considering purchasing an internet radio to supplement or replace the Arcam T32. I’ve looked at:
I agree with others that internet radio is my choice having been listening to FM with a high quality aerial for decades. Radio 4, 4 Extra, Radio Three are among my main choices. So for most of my audio listening I can use a browser and pop out the current playing programme. My speakers are wireless streaming active speakers and have built in internet radio. This is at a higher quality than DAB, Freeview or Freesat and in stereo when DABs, Freeview and Freesat are mono.

From summer this year they will shift TV to internet streaming with Freeview and Freesat being reduced and disappearing.
Many internet radios used TunelIn which has been blocked from using BBC station with no update. The system used did not bean count listers which the BBC wanted for statistics and to track habits. So you have to check if the radio will connect to BBC stations. B&O updated their internet radio moving from TuneIn and no long announce the service will be disconnected on BBC Radio 5 and Radio 6.

Adding a Beosound Core I know works now. I assume Wiim Pro does as no comment from UK owners not being able to get BBC stations all the others I would ask first.