replacement pace sky+hd box


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Aug 10, 2019
I am one of the unfortunate people who decided to buy my own replacement box when the Thompson made box gaveup the ghost,after only 18 months.

Yes you guessed, i brought a new PACE box from an on line dealer. This box is among the batch for recall & replacement, it cost me

£260.00 , I asked Sky for a Pace made box but was told this could not be guaranteed. I was annoyed to find the replacement was not new but a refurb one,the Pace box i brought was only 7 months old.

The box has now been changed & i have ended up with a Thomson refurb box. Sky have my Pace box which they will have repaired & used again in the future, whose the mug?


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Jul 31, 2008
Firstly,out of interest, as you bought your STB from an on-line retailer why didn't you seek a replacement from them.

Secondly, i'm surprised Sky agreed swap your box as it wasn't sourced from them,they dont usually take responsibility for any kit not supplied by them, or if they do, charge you for an out of warranty service call/replacement.

As for Sky's policy of only supplying refurb boxes for service calls/replacement i dont agree with it either, but unfortunately it is their policy and not a lot you can do about.


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