Replacement Cartridge for Pro-Ject RPM 6


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Aug 10, 2019

I purchased my Pro-Ject RPM 6 back in 2004 and had this fitted with an Ortofon MC-3 Cartridge.

However the time has come for replacing the cartridge and i wondered if anyone could assist in selecting a suitable replacement cartridge.

Overall i've been pleased with the reproduction of the MC-3 but wonder if there's any room for improvement within my price range.

I've heard varying reports such as cheap Moving Coil cartridges are surpassed by Moving Magnet cartridges of the same price, is this fact?

My limit is £200.

Many thanks

Jon :)

Al ears

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Hi sonicpunk77.
I would agree that a cheap moving coil cartridge is just that.
If you are looking to keep your 'Ortofon sound' then I would suggest you look at an Ortofon 2M Blue although I have heard these can be bettered for at or around the same money.
Try Goldring 1042GX or, my particular choice would be the Grado Prestige Gold 1 at around £138.
These are all Moving Magnet and I am guessing would beat your MC-3. I must stress that I have never heard an MC-3 though.
I believe the basic concept that up until around £500 you get more for your money by buying a Moving Magnet, after that the quality would best come from a Low-Output Moving Coil (although bear in mind that going this route would require more outlay for a phono preamp in most cases).


Many thanks for your help Alears i'll see about purchasing the Grado cartrdige from my local dealer, Moorgate Acoustics in Sheffield.

Have a great weekend.

Jon :grin:


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