Replace Sony KDL-40W2000


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Aug 10, 2019
Due to a recent accident I will soon have to replace my Sony KDL 40W2000 Which I have enjoyed since April.I have a Samsung BD-P1000 blue ray player and a vigin V+ box.Having just read your November issue It would appear as though things have improved since April.I am a bit confused by your test winner Pioneer PDP 42XD as this only got a average review on the which website. I went to see th pioneer in Currys, while I was impressed they also had a new Philips 42 PFL 9632D which looked even sharper. It did have different demo programmes on so this may have thrown the comparison. Having said that I would be grateful for your comments on the new Philips as it does seem to have some impressive sounding technology in its brochure.

Regards Mike

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
[quote user="michaell8342"]
as this only got a average review on the which website


We're not so hot on washing machine reviews...


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