Repair AV Receiver or buy new


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Aug 10, 2019
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I've got a Pioneer VSX 2011 from about 10 years ago. It was circa £1500 when new

It has an issue I guess with the power supply in that it runs for a random amount of time before switching itself off. Sometimes just 2 mins but sometimes 30 mins.

To get it looked at would cost me least 160 euros (I'ved moved to Netherlands). If it requires parts that would costs more than this they would stop and tell me how much the complete repair would be.

So this thing is old and has no HDMI or any network capabilities etc. I run it with a set of Kef Coda 70,80,90 speakers and have a Sony 40w5810TV, Sony s370 Bluray and a Pioneer DV-LX50 DVD and SACD player

What is the general consensus. Worth repairing (or worth anything at all) or better to just buy a cheaper Receiver such as Onkyo TX-NR515 or the like for maybe £450? Also where does one sell soemthing like this if repair route is not taken? It's too good to junk.

It's better to buy a new AV receiver than repair your old one.

You can flog your old one on eBay, but don't expect much, as it doesn't have HDMI. Also it's not in working condition. I'll be surprised if you even get £50 for it. That's without even counting postage.


It weighs over 25KG. I'm not posting it anywhere. Will the sound qaulity on something between £350-500 be similar to something 10 years old? Or do you think I would need to spend more?
I do not know how your Pioneer performed, & have never heard your speakers. Over the years, the price of electronics has generally come down while the performance has gone up.

Demo the AV receiver with your speakers to compare. Make sure you're happy with it prior to purchase.


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Mar 29, 2009
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The move to HD audio will, in my opinion, provide a more profound change in sound than the difference between your old Pioneer and a newer model from any manufacturer staying with old DTS or DD (unless of course you already use HD audio but route it via analogue inputs)

I agree with bigboss, you must audition a new amp with your current setup to really determine the one to buy. I would not repair the old one when so many exist ayour price point that could quite easily meet your needs.


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Aug 7, 2012
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I have the very same problem as BobGFish above, with the very same model.

Its hard to beleive the only repair is to buy a new digital receiver.

Can anyone recommend a repairer near the S wales area, the receiver is very capable, and i don't think its irrepairable.


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