Rega TT shelves!


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Aug 10, 2019
With my Apolla CDP taking up the top shelf of my rack I need a decent shelf to wall mount my Rega TT. So far all I can really find in terms of suitable shelves seem to be a basic Rega shelf (£80 ish) online or more expesive version of the same thing (£150 ish) from my local Audio T.
Anyone got any other suggestions for sources of decent TT shelves? I've also tried the usual swedish flat pack type places, although none of their shelves seem deep enough to fit the TT and have room to open the lid.


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Apr 16, 2009
Just get the rega one, not only does it as good as dissapear when the decks on it, it really helps the sound quality. The only thing is check out what type of wall you will be fixing to, and make sure you get the correct fixing bits from the hardware shop. If its sold brick and plaster, then any decent wall plug and screws is fine, if it is a stud wall you will have more work to do, and it its dot and dab plaster board you will need some serious fixings, Either that or you will be picking your deck up of the floor. That applies to any wall shelf, not just the Rega one.


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Feb 21, 2009
The Apollo WT1 is very good - not far off on price to the Rega. If you want something different to the usual metal/glass combination (as nice as they are in some rooms), the Hi-Fi Racks podium wall shelf is available in solid oak for about the price of the higher Rega one as is beautifully finished. Worth a look perhaps


When I first bought my Rega Planar3 the 'instruction sheet' recommended a shelf across an alcove, with the shelf simply resting on the arms rather than screwed down to it - so as not to couple the deck to the wall mass too much-offering better sound quality as a result. The Rega has not got suspension as such and is more critical of its support. Generally I think that whatever deck you have the shelf should be very light and rigid. We used to sell aerolam shelves from Pink Triangle years ago, an aircraft flooring material that was very light and stiff, which gave excellent results - very clear and no bass boom.



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