Rega RS 1, 3 or 5 for 18 m2 living room


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Aug 10, 2019
I've decided to buy a pair of Rega speakers, but I'm not sure which one.
I've listened to the RS 5's in a large demo room, and they sounded amazing.
But looking at Rega's homepage now I can see that RS 3's are recommended for rooms up to 50 m2, and that RS 5's are suitable for even larger rooms according to Rega.
So which one should I choose?

I primarily listen to classical music.
My living room is 18 m2 and has a 3 space sofa, a dinner table with chairs, and a sofa chair.
Floor is wooden, and there is no paintings etc. on the walls.

Anyone have experiences to share that can help me?




Thanks, chebby.

A dealer here in DK says, I will be able to take advantage of the RS 5's in my living room.
That sounds a little strange to me.

Have you heard the RS 5's in a similar sized room as mine?

I've only heard them in a much larger room (they sounded brilliant there).



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Jun 2, 2008
A dealer will always try to sell you the next one up :) You can't blame them. It's their job.

RS3s have plenty of sound for a small room. (Plenty for a medium room too.)

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Oct 18, 2008
My Listening room is 8m2 with an open side to my kitchen which is 16m2. Used R3's in that space with very very good effect. Demoed the R5's at home and were too boomey and couldnt really crank the volume on the amp anything above 8 o clock. Unlistenable at low volumes. Have you thought of PMC DB1is / GB1is


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Apr 5, 2009
I would recommend a long home dem as a must , and i would add the RS1s on the best stands available to the list.

Obviously room / system / personal requirements depending , but i replaced my RS3s with RS1s with great results.

Dont think just because they are smaller and cheaper they are not as good. They can do a lot of things the RS3s can only hint at.

It really depends on what the rest of the system is and also what you are hoping to get from the speakers.

Do you like to listen loudly or a more restrained level.

Which is most important to you , bass weight or bass definition. This affects the treble results as well.



Thanks for the replies.

I went down to the dealer yesterday and listened to Rega RS 1, Rega RS 5, Dynaudio DM 3/7, DLS M66, Monitor Audio BX2 and Epos m16i. I ended up buying the Epos. It has a tight, coherent and very controlled sound which I like very much.

There's a 7 day return policy so I have to make good use of the time until then to listen to these new speakers. But it seems like I'm in luck - they sound pretty much the same here in my home as they did in the store, which is a good thing. So I'm thinking I will be very happy with them.

Btw. the RS 1's indeed can do tricks the larger Rega speakers can't.
I thought the stereo image was much better in the RS 1 than in the RS 5.
OTOH the RS 1 sounded a little small compared to the RS 5.
But I think I could have lived happily with RS 1 as my speaker too.
The Epos was just better suited to my taste.

Thanks again.



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