Rega Planar 2 Stylus

Alec B

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Jan 9, 2015
Hi, I have just left a message in the welcome section to say hello but again hello to all. I would like to replace the Stylus on my much loved Planar 2 turntable but I would like help with this if I may. The cartridge has a green stylus that simply won't come off. It has the later RB250 arm and looking at Google images it seems to be the original Stylus (based on the assumption that most pics have this same type of stylus fitted) I don't want to force anything and can't seem to find any suitable instructions. The only thing i have found through google searches is that it is possibly an all in one unit (stylus and cartridge) and as such the whole thing must be replaced is this true? Many thanks in advanced. Alec


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Nov 17, 2012
This just means you need to replace the whole cartridge, which costs a bit more but isn't otherwise any more drastic.

The logical replacement would be a Rega Bias 2 cartridge, but many on here would recommend Nagaoka (the MP-100 is in the same price bracket as the Bias 2). Apparently their performance far exceeds Rega's in the same price bracket. I've yet to hear them, but I'm about to replace the cartridge on my Rega RP3 with a Nagaoka. And Nags do have replaceable styli, so you'd save a bit of money next time it comes round to replacing it.

They're not the common in UK, but hunt around and you'll find a supplier.

As I say, this is really a second-hand recommendation as I've yet to hear one but I've been convinced they're worth trying.



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