Rega Planar 2 + Grado Blue hum problem solved - but how?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Right, this is an odd post that requires a little explanation but bear with me.

I have a modified Planar 2 with iso-kinetik style gold-litz and single arm rewire. I used to run it with a Linn K9, and when this started to go, I found that there was no avaliable stock to replace it with. I decided to upgrade to a Grado prestige blue, and to my ears the improvement was pretty vast, esp. on jazz and acoustic music.

However, when set up in my uni house it hummed a lot, seemingly in certain areas of certain records more than others - newer pressings were noticably 'hummier'. The humming redcued over a period of maybe two months, but never went away completely. Short of an entire arm rewire, (which the shop that fitted it suggested) it seemed unlikely that it'd get better. I tried various things, grounding on, grounding off etc all to no avail.

Upon moving back home, an accident occured. My dad picked up my TT (not noticing the grounding wire was under a near-by object) and essentiall wrenched it from the back of the arm. Now, theres no hum at all. If anything, it hums very slightly when moving and touching the arm, but is completely silent during all play and run outs.

Can anyone explain this? You can even use science to aid you if you like.


So the hum when I was away at uni was likely some sort of dirty supply or interference then?


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