Rega P3 Turntable any good


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The other day I got my Thorens 147 turntable down out the loft.I bought it in South Africa in the 80`s.I hadnt used it for years plugged it in worked perfectly and played some of the Lp`s that I brought back with me and compared them with the cd`s of the same albums and they did still sound good quality wise.The 147 is big and not so modern looking. In its day it looked good with My Harman kardon amp and Kef speakers but now with my present system I would prefer something more modern looking and more slimline looking.Do you think I would be doing the wrong thing going for the Rega just for the looks.Any advice will be very welcome.Thanks.Alex


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The Rega is an excellent deck but ultimately I feel the Thorens is better. The best turntable I ever had was an older Thorens TD150MkII AB and I've heard plenty of their other decks including the 147. Those old Thorens decks are superb.


Rega P3 or RP3 is a nice TT, but I'd keep the TD-147.

I don't know what tonearm comes with your TT, but by fitting a tonearm like SME 3009 on you Thorens, you may get a high-end TT.


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Dec 3, 2002
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+ another 1 for Inspire. I'm very pleased with what they did for my Manticore Mantra. It's the only Mantra they've tackled so far. I'm sure they'll sort something for your Thorens.

Fed up with the rain on the M1 on Friday, I popped into their new premises and asked Robert to email me the photos of the work they did on the Mantra. They are so busy I'm not too optimistic he'll get round to sending them to me, but if he does I'll post them here.


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Hi. And thanks.I put the TD147 back up in the loft after I posted this topic.I read with interest how most people said keep it anyway I have got it back down and I have cleaned it and am listening as I write.It has only got a budget cartridge on it a Nagaoka MP11 which was good back in the day when I bought the turntable but the sound is still acceptable.The only thing is the lid has two cracks both coming from the each of the hinges and a few scratches on the plinth unfortunately it is a black type wrap on it so it is not so easy to touch up and would be very noticible. I know the 147 is based on the 160 but with modifications and was wondering if I could buy a older 160 and replace the two parts but making sure it is the right model of the 160.Thanks


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My other half came home and saw the Thorens and said its way too big so I suppose it will have to go.. to where I dont know.Can anyone suggest an alternative that is smaller say the size of the Rega or Project more slimline I like the idea of having a glossy one in black or some other modern colour.Please help me without losing too much in the sound quality dept.Thanks :help: