Rega Dac + Rega Brio-R: speakers: rega rs5 or totem hawks?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Does anyone have any opinions on how the brio-R gels with the totem hawks and/or the Rega RS5s?

I'm getting a great deal on the totem hawks, and already own the Rega RS5s. Just wondering whether it'll be worth it to go from the rega rs5s to the totem hawks.

Can't really audition the combination.


Just a little background to my request: I'm thinking of splitting the system into two.

Contemplating the following:

System 1: Rega Dac + Rega Brio-R + Rega RS5s for the living room.

System 2: Rega RP3/Exact/Flatcapped Stageline, Nait XS -> Unkown bookshelf type speakers for a smallish room.

The living room is just acoustically unfriendly, so I figured, a 'cheaper' system is fine, which I move the naim to the study where I can control the acoustics more. It will get less use, but in a few years, when I move, can make sure that the living room gets better acoustics and can at that point swap things around.

Just wondering if the Rega Dac + Rega Brio-R can drive the Totem Hawks....


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