Rega Dac + (Naim Nait 5i or Naim Nait XS) + Monitor Audio Rx6 (Thanks Rick!)


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Aug 10, 2019
The Rega Dac isn't available in the US yet. For those who've heard it, what would be a more balanced system?

One with the Nait 5i or the Nait XS?

I loved the Nait XS, the Nait 5i was good too.

I guess I'm just afraid that getting the Nait XS will be an overkill if I combine it with the Rega Dac and the MA Rx6. If you think the XS will be a better choice from a future perspective, let me know too.

Prices, Just FYI;

Rega Dac: $1000

Nait 5i: $1650

Nait XS: $2750

Monitor Audio Rx6: $1250.

cheers !

PS: thanks to Rick@MusicKraft..


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Jun 2, 2008
The Rega Saturn and Apollo are already established alternatives to Naim's own CD players and enjoy excellent synergy.

I have heard this myself with forum member True Blue's old Nait XS + Saturn combination and an Apollo + Nait 5i pairing that I listened to when buying my own system.

So it should follow that the Rega DAC will partner Naim well. (The Rega DAC is essentially a refined and upgraded Saturn DAC stage in a seperate box.)

I am not so sure about Monitor Audio RX6s with Naim though. I have heard a couple of MA RS/Naim combinations and didn't like them together. Maybe it's different with the RX series.

I have experience of Rega speakers with Naim in my own system and in various auditions (and in other people's systems) and would suggest trying Rega RS3s or RS5s if your Naim/Rega dealer has them.


Sounds good. Apart from the issue with the Rx6, from what you're saying, the Nait XS would not be wasted on the Rega Dac. (You mentioned the Rega Saturn pairing with the Nait XS, and the fact that the Dac is an upgraded version of the Dac).

Thanks for the response!