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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi folks, Was looking for some assistance in setting up my new home cinema in my living room. I thought I'd post this, as my circumstances are remarkably similar to that of the Reader Rescue in this months issue. I currently have a Panasonic 28'' 100hz TV, on which the picture is superb. I have no home cinema, yet!My room is 3' 20'' by 4' 30''. I have made the decision that I want a 37'' TV in there, as it will give me a decent size screen without dominating the room. In addition, I would like a good sound system, but there is no way I will be granted a pass to have wires laying about, so was considering either a wireless rears option or a decent 2.1 system.I have my PS3 on order, so will be using this for gaming and Blu Ray. I was hoping that some of you guys might be Abe to assist me in my decision-making. So here are the points I'm struggling with:

1. How good is the PS3 in relation to upscaling standard DVDs - will I need another DVD player?

2. Which TV should I choose, I have been swaying towards the Panasonic Viera TX-37LZD70 or the Panasonic TX-32LXD70, but I have seen the TH-37PX70 receiving some really impressive reviews. I really want the 1080p option, but am unsure as to how much of a difference this will make to viewing on a 37’’ or 32’’ set. Despite this, I have been a bit worried about the black level on the 37LZD70. I have viewed it in shops and can’t really see any problem. Most of my viewing will be in SD through Sky+, so SD picture is quite important.

3. Surround Sound – I’ve looked at the SONY DAVDZ531W which has wireless rears but I don’t know how good they are, as you can see from my room size, it doesn’t need to be huge sound, just something decent. I’ve also looked at the Onkyo LS-V501, which is truly beautiful, albeit pricey. I have been considering the component approach and using the Onkyo SR5050E receiver coupled with two decent speakers, such as the Q Acoustics 1010i pair.In addition to all of the above, I plan on having a budget of £1000, but if it makes a huge difference, I’d squeeze out the extra funds from somewhere (Summer is coming, heat isn’t that important!).I’d appreciate any input.
PS If any of the mags editors would like me to proof read the section in the next mag on 37’’ hi-def screens, which includes the Panasonic 37LZD70 by the look of the pic in the current edition, I would only be to happy to oblige!


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Dec 28, 2007
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Hi there, just going through some unanswered posts and adding my two cents:

1. It's impossible for me to answer that question for you. However, for me, I think the DVD upscaling included with the PS3 is fantastic and would find no need to buy another DVD player to do this unless I had a lot of non Region 2 DVDs i.e. DVDs bought from outside the UK. If this is the case, you'll be best off buying a multi-region DVD player that can upscale everything you have. (I only have a few Region 1 DVDs and can live with watching them on a non-upscaling player as and when the issue comes up).
2. I can't help you with this. Both of the models you mention at first are LCD models and I prefer Plasma, so I would recommend the TH-37PX70, but that's not a reason to choose it! You need to see both and decide which you prefer. Most people agree though, 1080p makes very little (if any) difference on a set less than 42" so I wouldn't necessarily worry about this for your TV needs here.
3. I'm not sure on the Sony DAVDZ531W (I've never heard it), but anything that says wireless, to me immediately says avoid! I think you'd be better off with the Onkyo / Q Acoustics package or maybe the Tannoy Mercury F1 Custom / Wharfedale Diamond 9 HCP - worth auditioning all of them I reckon.

I'm sure others here have more qualified opinions!

Edit: Just saw this post from Clare at WHF - guessing the Tannoys should be higher on the audition list now!


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