Recommendation Needed - KHT3005 compared with Tannoy Arena 5 w Velodyne SPL800i


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi Guys,
Need some guidance here. Please refer to my questions below.

1. Any major differences between KHT3005SE and KHT3005?

2. Which system is recommended? KHT3005 or Tannoy Arena 5 with Velodyne SPL800i?

3. Is it recommended to replace KHT3005 Subwoofer with Velodyne SPL800i?

4. I was told that the speed of the sub woofer does matter. E.g. KHT3005 Sub woofer comes with a 250W and Velodyne SPL800i is 1000W. Is this true?

5. Can i pair KHT3005 with Denon 2808 or Marantz SR7002 or Yamaha RX-V1800?

6. Can i pair Tannoy Arena/Velodyne SPL800i with Denon 2808 or Marantz SR7002 or Yamaha RX-V1800?

7. Is HDMI 1.3a is not as good as using coaxial cable. E.g. A DVD player should connect HDMI output to TV and Coaxial Cable to AV Receiver. Is this true?


Andy Clough

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Apr 27, 2004
Hi Leonard

Yes, there is a difference between the KEF KHT3005 and 3005SE - and an important one. The newer SE version has several enhancements, including a 'crown-horn' optimiser over the tweeters, which helps smooth response and deliver greater sensitivity at very high frequencies.

The upshot? The SE version is even better than the original 3005, delivering all the punch and excitement you'll need (something the original version lacked). It's also cohesive, balanced, refined at high volumes and blessed with a broad, richly-detailed soundfield - which is why we made it our 2007 Product of the Year.

And yes, you could use the KEF package happily with the Denon, Marantz or Yamaha receivers, no problem.

So I'd go for the KEF KHT3005SE package over the Tannoy/Velodyne set-up - the KEF sub will be fine as it's designed to integrate properly with the satellite speakers - and I don't think you'll necessarily need the extra power of the Velodyne sub.

As for using HDMI or coaxial cable to connect your DVD player to the receiver, it's not as simple as HDMI1.3a being better/worse than coaxial. It depends on your DVD player - not all of them output video and sound via HDMI. So for example my Arcam DV79 needs a coax into my AV receiver for sound and HDMI to the TV for picture. Which DVD player do you have?

You might also want to pick up the January issue of What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, out next Thursday, which has a Supertest of the KHT3005SE package against all its price rivals including the Tannoy Arena Lite.


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