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Aug 10, 2019
So, after having done a good amount of reading on the issue, I would be interested in any input about a setup issue.

I do hesitate posting on an audio forum such as this after seeing so
many rude and supremacist attitudes all over other such forums online... but I
will attempt it.

It does seem to be the majority opinion of hifi audio folks that to have a truly hifi setup, a receiver alone (no separate amp) is usually/always insufficient to attain the best audio quality. I wonder how universal such a generalization actually is considering the substantial range in quality (and price) of receivers out there. I am new to the hifi world and I have a yet-to-be-hooked-up Onkyo TX-NR5008. It is clearly better than your average run of the mill Best Buy receiver - and my question is for anyone familiar with this model: Is there a significant potential gain from the addition of a power amp considering this receiver in a 2 or 2.1 channel set up? I am aware of the shortcomings of receivers attempting larger multichannel setups, but this is not my case - and this receiver, if I remember correctly, is rated at 145wpc, which I would imagine it at least mostly attains while in 2/2.1 setups. Speakers (which have yet to arrive) will be a pair of Proac Response D18's. Intended use is equal mix music and movies. I know, when it comes down to it, the most correct response would be, "try the addition of an amp out and see if it sounds better", but I pose my question here merely for outside input.



danimus:........I pose my question here merely for outside input. ..........-Dan

A dedicated 2 channel stereo amp will always sound better than a similarly-priced A/V receiver which is being used for 2.0 / 2.1

If you want to know exactly how much better, then you need to trust your ears and listen to both systems.

Opinions on this forum are exactly that, opinions.

There is no need for any rudeness or "supremacist" views on any hi-fi forum though.....

I'm more than happy to listen to music in 2 channel stereo played over my Onkyo 606, but I tend to listen to the music and not the equipment.

What is it you are looking for exactly?

Others' opinions on something which you appear to have made up your mind about already perhaps?



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