rather vintage NAD 310 and B&W DM 305 advice


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi all! first post here and I dare to start with asking for your advice!

I have been given above components in almost new condition and want to use them for non critical lsitening at moderate levels in a rather large studio space (5x8m). source is mac via airport express and mobile player via Aux in on the NAD.

things I did: ensured solid speaker positioning free of walls 3 meters apart, decent 4mm multistrand cables, warming up of the NAD (hasn't been used in a long time...)

things I cannot change: hard surfaces, no carpets, very little furniture.... I know :-(

I'm after pleasing yet full sound at moderate levels, is there a way to achieve this in a harsh environment like this? the Dm 305s are quite open sounding, female voices and laidback electronica do sound very good but with more complex stuff the music literally seems to fall apart resulting in harsh sound. using the tone controls on the NAD to bring the treble down doesn't help much. the 310 seems to be a well regarded - although very budget and low output - amp. I would really like to keep the speakers, would it make much sense to change the amp for another current (budget) one? in the end though I guess speakers will have the most impact on sound, so just in case - which low cost floorstanders would you recommend for an audition that are well suited to a bright room with little furniture? as a side note I also thought about getting a V-dac between the airport express and amp which in theory should give a more organized sound as I read that the AD in the AE isn't very good. any ideas are very much appreciated....

thanks for your help!


This really answered my problem, thank you!
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