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Aug 10, 2019
Hi, I've been looking for a new TV for about a week or so now and up until yesterday was looking at 32" LCD, such as the Panasonic 32LXD70 and the Sony KDL32D3000. However yesterday I saw reviews for the 37PX70 and am now sorely tempted. However I have a couple of questions: 1. The price of the 37PX70 is about the same as the 32LXD70. How is the LCD better than the Plasma to justify the same cost for a smaller screen? 2. I see the 37PX70 doesn't have an SVideo input. I have a Pioneer NSDV55 DVD home cinema system which only has SVideo output. I have an Svideo to scart cable but I have to change the setting on my current Sanyo CRT TV for the AV input it is plugged into, to say that it is an SVideo rather than Scart signal. If it is set incorrectly the picture appears but is a bit blurry and only in black and white. Will the 37PX70 accept an SVideo signal through a scart lead? That's all for now. Thanks in advance for any help. JimminyCricket.


The Plasma pana is better than the lcd pana. Better black , better colour & better image tracking.

Not sure on the very latest tvs but svideo on a scart socket was often only set to scart 2 (av2) and/or scart 3 (av3).

Try this on your current tv, the blurry B&W is due to it not detecting the luminence and chrominence signals on that scart socket properly, because it sees some kind of signal I would have thought another socket would work fine

EDIT - just looked up the spec of the 37PX70 and it does have a s-video http://www.th-37px70.co.uk/specifications.php



Hi, thanks for the quick reply.
I guess the price of the Pana lcd is higher than the bigger plasma just because it is newer then?
The svideo does work on my current tv when I set the AV2 input to Svideo through the TV setup menu. It's only when I change the setting back from svideo to scart that the picture goes funny. I'm just wondering whether the 37PXD70 would have the same option or would be able to automatically recognise the signal type.

I'm pretty sure the 37PXD70 doesn't have svideo input. The spec on that link you provided has headings for all input types and then has the number of available sockets under each heading. Under svideo there is just a dash.


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